Vacuuming With Cooper The Dog

No, I’m not saying Cooper The Dog vacuums the house – just the opposite, in fact. He runs in fear from the vacuum. Perhaps it’s because he’s so deathly afraid that I could create a brand new dog out of all the dog hair I vacuum out of our rugs. That boy sheds like no other dog I know (and don’t even get me started on how much he smells after being outside on a hot humid afternoon)! There’s a website called Dinovite that has you answer a few questions in their solutions center . Once done it makes a recommendation on how to cure the ailments (in our case, shedding and summer stinkiness).

Supposely dogs who shed don’t do it because it’s part of their breed, but because they may not be healthy. But I know for a fact that Cooper is a healthy dog – we rarely have to take him to the vet for an illness. However, it appears that he may have a nutritional deficiency and that if we add Omega 3 (fish oil) to his diet, that could help with the shedding. We rarely feed him wet food, but I may see if I can find some sort of fish wet food that he can eat.

I just think he sheds because he never gets groomed (we like the shaggy look on him).

In any event, if you have a dog that sheds, itches, smells or otherwise has issues, check out the solutions center at Dinovite and see what it recommends.

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  1. Perhaps you can just get some fish oil capsules and sprinkle the oil over his dry food. That should work.

  2. I actually have used the “solution center” at dinovite website. And then I used the products that they recommended. It was a powder and a tube of fish oil (no cutting open fish oil capsules and all that mess) and guess what? No more shedding. I’m not kidding. No more shedding! And, no more doggy odor. Actually, the doggy odor was the first change I noticed after about 2 weeks or so.

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