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With two weeks to go before the party, we’re finalizing our menu. Five weeks ago we posted a menu and we’ve adjusted it slightly. Here’s the new menu:

1) Denis’s bruschetta (two kinds – pesto and goat cheese) /V
2) Bacon wrapped filet /B
3) Chicken fried steak bites /B
4) Shrimp meltaways /S
5) Swedish meatballs /B
6) Artichoke Crab Bites /S
7) Stuffed mushrooms V
8. Cream cheese stuffed tomatoes /V
9) Chicken rollups /P
10) Homemade pita chips with spinach/artichoke dip /V
11) Maple Salmon Bites /S
12) Brie in puffed pastry /V
13) Deviled eggs /V

Plenty of vegetarian options. Seafood is represented with shrimp, crab and salmon. Three red meat options. One chicken hor d’oeurves that we’re on the fence about – it tastes great, but I hate making them. So we’re going to try and find another chicken recipe. Three cold apps, ten hot apps. Plus we’ll have a cheese platter with fruits/veggies, too.

We’ve taken a couple “standards” off our list – including my mini Yorkshire Puddings and Denis’s crab cakes. And no Hawaiian meatballs (we traded them out for Swedish meatballs this year).

We’ve spent the past week doing the baking – we’ve made 8 kinds of cookies, and tonight I’ll be making fudge. Those have been stored away and we’ll package them up (CUTE packaging this year) the morning of the party as our annual cookie takeaway at the end of the night.

We have 31 confirmed attendees, with another 10-11 who have verbally said they are coming but not responded officially. Should be a great night!

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  1. Been catching up reading Cootiehog, since it ties up my IE at work. Just want to say the menu looks divine, although I do love your mini-Yorkshire puddings, J!!

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