Update on CootieBoy

So much going on with CootieBoy.

He bit two more kids last week. That’s three days out of ten that he bit kids – twice each time. So six bites total. The director of our preschool wants us to have a teacher/parent conference about it. It was supposed to be tomorrow morning but she told me this morning she needs to postpone it until next week.

He was good most of the weekend. A bit emotional (due to being tired after some late nights), but good. I spent the whole weekend saying the following three sentences and asking him to repeat them: Teeth are for food. Biting is bad. When I get upset I need to talk to a teacher. Literally once an hour the entire weekend he and I would run through those sentences.

Yesterday at small group he got very upset when he wasn’t allowed to have a cupcake. But I told him that he had to finish his dinner. He refused to eat his dinner (it was pasta shells which was DELISH), so no cupcake. He started wailing and crying about it, but we managed to get him calmed down on the ride home. Upon arriving home he looked at me with sad eyes and said, “Mommy, I want dinner.” So I made him some pancakes and he wolfed them down. Not surprising since he hadn’t eaten any real food in about seven hours at that point. I then let him have the cupcake that we brought home with us (it was a mini-cupcake). After cleaning him up and brushing his teeth he happily went to bed and slept the whole night in his own room.

This morning he had a pediatrician appointment to see about the sleep apnea. The doc confirmed that his tonsils ARE bigger than normal, and gave me a prescription for two medicines. We’re to give him the meds for two weeks and then call to let the doctor know if we’ve noticed any change in his snoring and breathing. I lamented giving him meds since he’s not one to sit docilely and swallow it. She said she’d give us a refill if he ends up spitting most of it out. *lol* If the tonsils don’t reduce on this medication then we’ll be scheduling a tonsillectomy.

Also this morning I took in a bottle of CootieBoy’s soy milk to preschool and told the director that could be a cause of his aggression. Two weeks on whole milk is probably enough to bring that aggression out again. I warned her that it may take a couple days for the whole milk to get completely out of his system, but that it may make a difference (it did the last time he was biting a lot).

I left him at school in a great mood – he walked right in with no hesitation and sat down for storytime, which was just beginning. He didn’t even bother to say goodbye to me. I told his teacher about the milk and the three sentences that we went over all weekend. She said she’d remind him throughout the day and see how it went.

So that’s the update on CootieBoy.

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