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Since it’s April 1st, I thought I’d give an update on my bus route situation. This morning was the test as to whether my flyers that I passed out (about 150-200 total) made a difference. I’m happy to report that we had five new riders this morning. We had a total of 22 people on the bus, and four or five of our regulars weren’t on. I’m quite pleased with that result.

I’ve given the electronic version of the brochure I made to the VP of Operations at the bus line, and he said he’d send it along to his printer to mass produce (1000s as opposed to the 100s that I could do). I’m hoping those will make an appearance again starting April 20th, around the time people start considering buying their next month’s bus pass. If we’re able to get the flyer out to 2000 people as opposed to 200, we may be able to get at least 30-35 people on the bus by May 1, which would be awesome and might convince Gary to keep the bus route around one month longer to see if June is any better.

My nighttime driver also told me that Gary (the VP) showed my brochure to the OWNER of the bus company who was impressed and asked if I was available for hire. *lol* That’s AWESOME (and the answer is no – I can’t afford a major pay cut right now). But hey – I’m available for freelance work any time!

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  1. You are the woman, Jane. I hope that the bus is still running if/when I move to NJ and have to commute into the city!

  2. Jean, let me know when you are ready to start looking. I can’t wait to help you guys find the right home. Drop me an e-mail and we can chat a little about what you have in mind and the timing. Hope all is well with you and Harold.

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