So in the past two days I’ve gotten three telemarketer calls.

On my cell phone.

I’m NOT happy. I can only imagine that when we purchased these new phones from Wirefly.com they sent our numbers through to telemarketers. Because in the two-plus years I’ve had this number I’ve NEVER gotten telemarketer calls on my cellphone.

As you can guess, I’m pretty ticked off. I got the first one last night on my commute home, and two more have come in this afternoon. I have no qualms about contacting Cingular to have them change my number so that this won’t happen anymore, but I’ll be bummed because I like the fact that my cell number hasn’t changed in two-plus years.

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  1. And you’re sure it’s not Cingular who gave out our number? They have the most to gain. Every time we get a call we use up more minutes. Just a thought.

  2. Denis – it wasn’t Cingular. I’m convinced it was Wirefly and plan on visiting their site to read the fine print on what they do with our phone numbers that they help move to the new carrier.

    Denis – Police Athletic League is a charities for underprivileged kids. I got two calls from them. the other call was from a telecommunications/digital cable company in souther NJ.

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