So Ticketmaster just updated their seating chart for the “So You Think You Can Dance” tour stop here in Charlotte. They are showing the actual seating for the event rather than the generic “end stage” seating chart they had on yesterday morning when I bought my ticket.

Um. See that chart up there? I’m in Section F3. Sixth row. SIXTH ROW CENTER!!! YYYYYEEEEEEE HHHHHAAAAAWWWWWW!!! I am now even more excited than I was yesterday when I thought I had sixth row front left!! And what’s great is that they completely allow cameras at Bobcats Arena, which mean I’m TOTALLY taking Denis’ camera and taking tons of pictures from my SIXTH ROW CENTER SEAT.

Man, I love buying event tickets before anyone else wants ’em. I did that with “Last Comic Standing,” too. I got them before the top five were even announced, and got 2nd row. And now that the top five has been announced I’m even happier because I LOVE the top five. Four of them are my top favorites since the top ten was announced a few weeks ago.

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