Um…No Thanks

So the mechanic called back with his estimate on the truck. It IS the transmission and requires replacing. Something about shavings in the fluid and some other stuff. Basically the work comes to $3200.

Yes, I said $3200.

Which we are SO not going to pay.

Instead, we’ll offer the truck to a kid in my church for $100 or his best offer. And sometime in the next two weeks we need to purchase another car. A car which we can’t afford no matter how cheap it is.

We’ve discussed leasing, but even a small 4-door will cost us about $200 per month, which we can’t afford. We’ve discussed buying, but even a 1999 4-door is still $175 per month – which we STILL can’t afford. We need something that is in the $100 per month range – but anything that is $100 per month is a total junker and would probably cost us more in the long run due to inevitable repairs it will need.

So we’re in a bit of a quandary as to what we’re going to do. But whatever we do needs to be done fast. We can live as a one-car family for the next two weeks, but we NEED to have a second car by July 18th or we’re screwed.

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  1. So what’s going to happen with the 10 acres of waterfront property in SC and the custom-designed house that you’re buying?

  2. Paul, the land was something we HOPED to buy next year. The house building wasn’t going to take place for another 3-4 years after that.

    I’m talking purely in an immediate sense when I say that we can’t afford the car. In the LONG RUN we’ll be okay financially, but for the next several months we’ll be hurting now that we have to get another car.

    But SC is still the plan – regardless of what’s happening right now.

  3. Don’t just give up the car as scrap. It’s worth more than the repairs in trade-in value that could help with a new car purchase. It’s definitely worth more than $100.

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