Ummm…Do I Know You?

This morning I had a surreal moment. You see, a couple years ago I was looking at profiles of folks from my college, and found a dude that I dated for about a month in my junior year (if that). And not only that – he lived in Fort Mill!! Denis and I at that point had our house on the market in NoNJ and were basically on our way to Fort Mill ourselves. So I sent him a note via MySpace to see if it was the same guy. Turns out it was! He was married to the girl he began dating directly after he dated me, and they had a couple kids. I told him I was moving to Fort Mill and asked him his opinion on certain sections of town in which I was interested in living.

We corresponded a bit about Fort Mill and then stopped chatting when my life got busy with our move and relocation. We moved down here, I stopped visiting MySpace so often, and I completely forgot about the fact that he lived down here.

Until this morning. I dropped off the kids at daycare and opted to take the longer route home since the shorter way was packed with traffic on the way to the daycare. As I pulled up to a stop sign, I saw a beat-up truck on the opposite side of the road wanted to make the left turn in front to enter a parking lot. So I came to a stop and waved him through. As he drove past I looked at the driver and saw IT WAS THE DUDE I DATED. It totally freaked me out!

He looked much the same – judging by his face he’s maybe 40-50 pounds heavier (he was a football player in college (I think he was a linebacker), so he was already large anyway). I know that even if he looked at me as he turned into the parking lot (which he didn’t) he wouldn’t have recognized me. I look VERY different than I did in college, plus this morning I had a baseball cap on.

I hopped on MySpace to send him a note to ask if it was him, but apparently sometime in the past two years he has deleted his account. So while I’m pretty confident that was him there’s no way to verify it. But given the fact that I know he lives in Fort Mill in the area in which I was driving, I’m 99.9% sure that was him.


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  1. Yep. in college I dated (in order):
    1) Wrestler (VERY briefly)
    2) Soccer player (3 months)
    3) Golfer (3 months)
    4) Hippie (ugh – what was I thinking?)
    5) Football player (4-5 weeks)
    6) Baseball player (3-4 months)

    WANTED to date a tennis player (Per) and WANTED to date a basketball player (don’t remember his name now – maybe Jay?).

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