Uh Oh

I got to my desk this morning and suddenly didn’t know if I had to throw up or go to the bathroom. I don’t think I feel well anymore…

Update at 1:13 p.m.: Well, I’m home. I was able to hold off gagging until I got home – about five minutes in the door and I was in the bathroom. I ate two small cookies before leaving work because I hadn’t eaten all morning, and by the time I got home they came back up. Reminds me of when I was preggers…

Mr. Russell gave me permission to count this as “working from home” since I brought my laptop with me. He gave me 4-5 items to do and said if I can get them done over the weekend then there’s no need to count this afternoon as time off. I’m very pleased about that.

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  1. Try going a few hours without anything to eat or drink, and then clear liquids. This per Dr. Mark Green of “ER”.

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Uh Oh.

Well, I just discovered something about my Amazon wish list.

Now, I use that list as a catch-all for things. 99% of the things on that list are items that I want, and a couple items I put in there while I do research to make sure I want them.

Last week or so I added a Coby portable DVD player to my wish list while I researched which one I wanted to buy. Then a few days later I added a Sony portable DVD player. Then a couple days ago I added the Toshiba. Yesterday, I made my decision and purchased the Toshiba DVD player. Then I deleted the Sony since I didn’t need it. But I had forgotten that I put the Coby down and since I didn’t see it, I didn’t delete it.

But apparently the reason why I didn’t see it is because someone out there in the world BOUGHT IT for us. I just changed my wish list view to the “purchased” items only, and sure enough – the Coby player was on the list.

I hate that I did that – I hate that I messed up someone’s desire to give us a really extravagant gift. There’s nothing worse than getting something really nice and thinking, “Wow are they going to be SURPRISED when they get this from me – I can’t wait!!” only to find out that the intended went out on their own and not only bought the item but bought a DIFFERENT BRAND, thus showing their preference over the intended gift. *sigh*

To whoever bought that item (I don’t know who yet, and may never know if they had it shipped to themselves instead of directly to me), let me say in advance a hearty “THANKS for thinking of us!” and also a heartfelt apology for messing up your plan.

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my site! Unfortunately the iPod has already found a new home. Maybe you could return the second DVD player and exchange it on Amazon for an iPod? I had a great response from the everloving interweb, and I can’t believe how great people are out there. I actually had more people just commenting on the idea than actually requesting it!

    Good luck with the road trip, those new fangled modern conveniences really do make the time pass by. I remember sitting on the floor in the back of the van (no seatbelt!) playing made up games with my sisters. We made it work, but I know my parents would have prefered a quiet trip.

  2. Meghan: since I got the Toshiba in less than 24 hours and the Coby was ordered BEFORE I ordered the Toshiba, chances are the person had it shipped directly to them . And if they’ve read the site they most likely know about this whole thing and will ship the Coby back directly. So basically I’ll NEVER know who got us the Coby (unless they tell me) and probably won’t actually receive it.

  3. Ooh, I almost forgot! I’ve been reading your site for a little while, and when I saw you comment on mine I was so excited. I still feel pretty invisible in the blog world, so I’m always happy when people reach out and let me know they’re reading. I guess I’m kind of doing the same, thanks for letting me glimplse into your life!

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Uh Oh.

Last night on the way home from work I saw two accidents and thought to myself, “Do I have my registration and insurance info in the car?” While sitting at a stop waiting for traffic to move I opened my glove compartment and took everything out. As I sorted through I didn’t see anything in there. Denis had put on my license plates on Sunday and the registration card was in that same envelope.

I called Denis. “Did you put the registration in my car?”

“Nope, I left it on the coffee table because when I put on your plates I didn’t actually go into your car – I just put on the plates.”

“Okay, well I’ll need to get that and the insurance card when I get home.”

Upon arriving home we scoured the house, but sometime between Sunday afternoon and Monday evening that registration card disappeared. We went through the garbage (nasty) and looked high and low and didn’t see it anywhere. I did put the insurance card in my glove compartment though.

This morning Denis went to the DMV to renew his driver’s license, so he took all the info he needs to get a copy of our registration. Including my proof of insurance from my glove compartment! I pray that tonight I get home safely with no problems since if I get in an accident I don’t also want to get ticketed for not having my registration or proof of insurance in my car.

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