Ugh…Monday Morning’s Suck

So my anger on Friday petered out as I saw on the news various stories of investigations against gas stations who engaged in obvious price-gouging. Knowing that it was not being ignored helped calm me down. But I was FIRED UP on Friday, believe you me!

Saturday we took the kids to our neighborhood pool for the last hurrah of the summer. It is now officially closed. It was so frickin’ hot that we only stayed an hour – the sun was oppressive and there was NO BREEZE whatsoever. CootieBoy got a little bit of a sunburn but by this morning it was gone. The rest of the afternon they played together and I spent time baking. I made a double batch of tapioca pudding, as well as some brownies.

Yesterday I worked in the toddler room during the first service at church. For a while I didn’t think I’d have ANY kids, but I ended up with two. They made me appreciate that my own kids are 4 & 5 years old. Toddlers, while cute, still cannot quite communicate. And man do they love repetition. LOVE the repetition. Me? Not so much enjoying the repetition. By the end of the hour, though, they were my two new best friends.

After church we decided to go out to lunch and went to the nearby Olive Garden. True to form, the kids loaded up on milk and ate like birds so we ended up with a lot of stuff to take home. But that’s okay because last night after small group I ate my leftovers (I KNOW – CAN YOU BELIEVE I ATE LEFTOVERS???).

Once we got home it was time to work on my grocery shopping list. Lowe’s didn’t have such great deals (although they did have a deal that can get you free toothpaste), so I only went to Harris Teeter. And I bought more groceries than I have bought in a LONG time. They had some GREAT deals. Buy two cans of Green Giant veggies, get three free. Buy two 12-packs of bottle water, get three 12-packs free. They also had a deal where if you buy ten various items by a certain manufacturer you get $4 off your final bill. I actually had 20 items, so I hoped they’d double the deal, but they didn’t, which was a bummer. I also had two coupons to use on the dog food sale (buy one 16-lb bag, get 1 free), but it turns out my coupons were for a specific blend of dog food. I kept the dog food though, since it was still a great deal ($16 for 32 pounds of dry dog food). When it was all loaded up, my cart was overflowing! In the end, the grand total before savings was $195.79, but I paid just $108.88, for a savings of $86.91. That’s a 45% savings. Not bad!

Once home we quickly got back into the car and drove over to our small group bible study. It was an interesting discussion focusing on Luke 9, which is chockful of a lot of stories about Christ including feeding the 5,000, healing a demon-possessed boy, warning his disciples about his upcoming crucifixion, and encouraging them (and us) to spread the gospel.

I did manage to watch two movies over the weekend – will review those later today.

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