So tomorrow morning my family will be invading the homestead to celebrate CootieBoy’s birfday. Marmie and Pop are staying at a nearby hotel (although not the REALLY nearby one – they will be more like 15 minutes away) and Jen and Beau will be staying with us.

Have I cleaned the house at all?


Oh sure, Denis did some great tidying up a few days ago, and I even did the laundry over the weekend.

But have the bathrooms been cleaned? The kitchen floor mopped? Carpets vacuumed? Hardwoods swiffered? Surfaces dusted? Clutter been put away?

The answer is a resounding NO IT HASN’T WHAT OF IT?

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Nothing worse than having someone let off an SBD (Silent But Deadly) right by your desk. Nasty.

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I have a vicious headache that’s been getting worse all day. It started right before lunchtime and now the entire right side of my head just aches. If it continues, band practice is going to be miserable tonight.

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