My work background for word processing is strong – I have been a word processor in various forms since I graduated college in the early 1990s. I taught myself to type in the late 1970s/early 1980s on my dad’s old TRS-80 computer, playing assorted text-driven computer games.

By the time I graduated college I was the person everyone came to for term papers to be typed up. I made a LOT of money my senior year typing papers for people. When I graduated (with my wasted Liberal Arts degree) the only thing I knew how to do was type, so I quickly got a job at an environmental firm as a word processor.

I freely admit I’m a better word processor than secretary. I don’t make any secret about it – I love working on computers and learning new softwares. For a while when I interned for the federal government during my college summers I even dabbled in the hardware aspect, “putting computers together” (read: installing hardware and software) for the Immigration & Naturalization Service.

So today I was talking with Mare-Bear about typing in general, and we both took typing tests. She said she gets nervous when taking tests, and her scores reflect it – despite the fact that I’ve WITNESSED her typing very fast (just as fast as me), she scored about 60 wpm in the test.

My scores at Typing Test?

Test name: Strategic Alliances with Competitors
Gross Speed: 91 WPM
Errors: 2 words
Net Speed: 89 WPM
Accuracy: 97%

Not too shabby! I told Mare-Bear that she should be able to come close to that, but she claims the pressure of being “tested” means she’ll never score much better than 60 wpm.

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  1. Its my nerves I tell you … my nerves !
    You, on the other hand are like speedy gonzalez with your typing skills.
    I willcontinue to practice the “test”, for whatever may arise.

  2. I got 59 gross, 55 net. Need to work on that. I tend to overrun my fingers at the end of words, moving misplacing the space between them, then do quick backspacing to correct, but the test wouldn’t let me go back after a space was entered. I would have done better if I had known the rules in advance.

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