1. She does. She’s lost 80% of the weight she gained while she was pregnant. Can’t wait for you and Harold to come out for a visit too. Just let us know when and we’ll work something out.

  2. Is it my imagination or has CootieGirl worn the same yellow sleeper for the past three days?

    Jane does look great. Especially holding her baby.

  3. You know. I said the same thing. This must be her favorite outfit. We have dozens of newborn outfits and she keeps choosing the same one. Let’s shake it up a little. If she isn’t in a different outfit when I get home, I’ll make sure we shake it up tonight. And Jane makes a great mommy. She’s a natural. Now we only need to add a few more kiddies to the mix and we got something! *lol*

  4. CootieGirl has worn a variety of sleepers, but Denis just happens to catch the yellow one in the rotation. Right now she’s wearing a celery colored sleeper set – but Denis is at work, so no pictures. And chances are high she’ll spit up on this one enough times to warrant a change into a new outfit – quite possibly the yellow, since we do Baby Laundry everday around here. I’ll see if I can shake up the rotation and put her in pink for tonight’s round of inevitable pictures.

  5. You have the camera at home. Why don’t you just take a few pics of her. I’d like to see what she looks like while I’m at work too!

  6. The yellow outfit is retired for a couple of days. CootieGirl dirtied it right after I started the wash. The pink one is freshly cleaned. I hope you meant “kiddies” and not “kitties.”

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