Two Great Shows, One Great Night

Last night TWO of my favorite shows were on. First up was “Ground Force” – the episode where they came to NYC to do a garden on the Lower East Side. It was a full hour long and well worth the wait. They really made a lovely garden.

Then after that I flipped over to “American Idol” and saw some surprising events. Tamyra – not that good last night. Justin – his first song was fabulous, his second was not good because it was too high for him. Kelly – wow was she great. I didn’t care for her karaoke cover of “It’s Raining Men”, but I loved her ballad. It was gorgeous and shows that she doesn’t have to sing all loud and stuff to be good. Sometimes I think she goes “Diva” too much in her production numbers, but that ballad was beautiful. And Nikki – darling Nikki finally pulled out some decent performances. Granted, her voice still has no beauty – her tone while singing is kind of grating, but I agree with the judges that she finally picked songs that suit her – and that helped. She won’t be booted off next week. In my opinion, either Justin or Tamyra should be the two lowest vote getters because they just were not good. Granted, OVERALL, Tamyra is the best, but if you are going just on last night, my picks are as follows:

1. Kelly Clarkson

2. Nikki McKibbin

3. Tamyra Gray

4. Justin Guarini

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  1. I agree totally with your assessment. It getting tough to decide. My favorite is still Kelly to win the whole thing with Tamyra in 2nd.

    I thought they all struggled last night – the only consistent one was Nikki. I hate her voice, but she did equally well on both songs.

    Kelly was great, but you could tell that she was pushing her voice a little.

    Tamyra was great too, I didn’t like her song choices.

    Justin was good, first song was excellent. What was he thinking with the MJ impression? Bad decision there.

  2. I cannot stand Nikki. She very much deserved to be gone last week and I very much hope she gets booted off tonight. I thought her first song last night was atrocious. She didn’t sing one correct note. The second song was much better, but she didn’t make it her own at all. We don’t need a copycat Melissa Ethridge.

    I like Tamyra’s voice, but I can never ever remember her performances which I think say something about her.

    I’m supporting Kelly all the way and hope Justin comes in a close second.

  3. Linda, I absolutely agree that Nikki should have been kicked off last week. She was AWFUL last week. However, last night, for NIKKI, it was a great performance. That still doesn’t mean she is of the same caliber as the others – she’s NOT by any stretch of the means. But if you strictly by last night’s performances, she did extremely well while the others kind of faltered on both song choice and delivery. That’s why I think Justin’s leaving tonight.

  4. Although I never would have thought I would say this, I think it’s time for Justin to go. I actually screamed when he ended the terrible Michael Jackson impersonation by yelling “PYT!!!” Dreadful!

    I think Nikki’s life is a Made for TV movie waiting to happen. MMmmmmmm…trashy!

    I want to kiss Simon on the mouth.

  5. this is old. but I hardly agree with anyone on this site. Nikki was cool, but she wasn’t all that great. Tamyra did choose a bad song (I mean no one can match Patty Labelle), but she stepped it up and made her next performance flawless. Why was she voted off? Justin or Nikki should have been voted off b/c Pretty Young Thing impressed well no one and Nikki did good that night, but should have definately gone before Tamyra did. Justin got votes b/c he had the heartthrob status and all the teeny bopper females on his side, although I do believe he was the best male singer on AI1. He should have gone on several occasions.
    Anyways, people should vote on talent. Tamyra and Kelly were probably the best singers on AI1 and they should have the top 2. I don’t know what everyone was thinkin’ (I know what Justin Guarini fans were thinkin’—LOVE HIM!!) 😛
    Well until next time, goodbye everyone!!

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