Two CG Stories

It’s time for two CootieGirl stories. One is from last night, and another from a couple weeks ago.

A couple weeks ago we were all driving to church on Sunday morning and CG pipes up from the back of the van, “Hey, Mommy, I think you should eat more healthy.”

“You do?”


“Why do you say that?”

“Um…well…um…I noticed that…um…your belly…um…is…well, you have a big belly.”

I turned to look at Denis, only to hear him quietly, but earnestly, say, “I SWEAR I didn’t say anything to her.”

Out loud I said, “Thanks for letting me know of your concern, CG. I’ll keep it under advisement.”

* * *

Last night CG decided that she wants to throw a birthday party and invite all her friends. The problem is that Denis and I have no intention whatsoever of hosting a birthday party for her. We can’t afford it. And I know we don’t have to go to Monkey Joe’s or Chuck E. Cheese or someplace like that, but even if we have the party at home we’d have to pay for decorations, goodie bags (which are of the devil – I can’t STAND this notion of goodie bags), and some sort of entertainment for the kids (somehow I don’t envision 6-7 kindergarteners wanting to watch back episodes of “The Office” or say, the entire Lord of the Rings extended trilogy). And not only that, but I’ve said since I gave birth to CG that her first official birthday party would be when she’s in first grade. Which is NEXT year.

But that didn’t stop her from writing down the names of 12 classmates with a request that I buy invitations today so she can pass them out next week.

Oh, and did I mention that she wants a Nintendo DS for her birthday? Yeah. I laughed too. But apparently a classmate (that she wasn’t even FRIENDS with until about two months ago – in fact, this girl picked on CG until two months ago) has one, and so CG wants one. I told her she could continue to save her allowance and that if she is REALLY good (she earns money based on a mix of good behavior and chores) it’s possible she’ll have the money saved up in two years.

I told her that Daddy and I would discuss the whole party thing. At the most we’ll take her – just our family – to Chuck E. Cheese (*head begins exploding now at the thought*) or Monkey Joe’s. But no party. Dear God in heaven – NO PARTY.

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  1. Yes, if you search for Cootiepie that’s where you’ll find it. I’ll check the list now and make sure it’s up to date. There may be some stuff I can take off because they are older now.

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