Tweaking The Menu Again!

Back in June Denis and I posted a preliminary menu for the White Elephant party. Since then we’ve practiced a couple recipes and have tweaked the menu a bit. It’s now August, which means our first initial invite notice goes out tomorrow! LET THE WHITE ELEPHANT SEASON BEGIN!

Here’s our menu as it stands now:
1. Cauliflower Fritters (YUM)
2. Moroccan meatballs
3. Shrimp and grits cups
4. Breaded fried ravioli
5. Fried mushrooms
6. Romaine BBQ Chicken Teasers
7. Bacon crackers – we practiced these and they are YUMMY
8. Broccoli/cheese bites
9. Mac & cheese minis
10. Lobster/potato salad cups – we practiced this one as well, and it was a huge hit at work
11. Mini beef Wellingtons
12. Shrimp cerviche
13. Bacon/cheese cups – another one we practiced – they were delicious

So that’s a total of 13 dishes. We plan on practicing a few more (after all, these are all new items on the menu – we’ve never served ANY of these at the WE party). It’s possible we’ll weed out a couple of these and stick to 10 items to serve at the party, but either way, we’re getting excited – only four more months until the party!

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  1. Wow! That menu sounds great, especially the BBQ Chicken Teasers and Mini Beef Wellingtons. What are bacon crackers? I remember all the good food when I went to the party when you were here in NJ.

  2. Lila – the bacon crackers are REALLY easy. Take a regular white cracker and sprinkle parmesan cheese over it, then wrap with a slice of bacon. Bake at 200 for a couple hours until the bacon is cooked through. We then put them in the freezer for a week (since we’ll be pre-making them), defrosted and baked for 10 minutes at 350. YUM. The only addition we’ll be making is some chopped scallions with the cheese.

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