1. It’s official – I give up on trying to get the comments to go into a popup window. You’ll just have to settle for this, which is fine.

    Now on to try to figure out how to make the comments fields REMEMBER you when you click on that button!

  2. I take it back – thanks to the tireless work of the folks on the Greymatter Forums (specifically Kaizix), I was able to get the comment popup to work. YAY!

  3. I take it back – there’s stil a glitch with the comment popup. Stay tuned for the final fix sometime today or tomorrow.

  4. Still testing comments – I think I’ve got it fixed now. This is the final test (I think).

  5. One more update – the comments function works, but NOT within archives. So if you go into archives and get sent to a comments page instead of an entry – come back tomorrow and you should find that fixed. I’m going home.

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