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I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am by the winners of Last Comic Standing and SYTYCD. I watched SYTYCD while Denis was at the gym and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I loved seeing some of the better routines of the season and also enjoyed seeing Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe both get on the dancefloor. And props to Debbie Allen for challenging all the judges to dance in the finale next season. I think that would be GREAT.

The ONLY disappointing part came with the Muraine-Chbeeb pop-off bit. Yes, Robert Muraine is theatrical, but Chbeeb blew my mind. I knew he was good, but last night he was off the hook brilliant. Sure, Chbeeb interrupted Muraine a couple times (you could even see the displeasure on Muraine’s face a couple times when that happened), and sure Muraine was the only one who paid attention to the other dancer and worked off what he saw, but I still thought the things that Chbeeb did were incredible. Muraine did a lot of stuff we had seen him do before – sure, he does it well, but I wanted to see NEW stuff. Here’s the clip (fast forward to 1:20 so you don’t have to see all the intro stuff):

Despite the end decision (Muraine got five votes to Chbeeb’s one vote), I still had a goofy smile on my face during their whole dance-off.

But let’s talk about the results. I wasn’t surprised that Courtney was first to go, but I was surprised that Katee was next. I honestly didn’t think Twitch would make it into the top two. And when he DID make it to the top two I got VERY worried that he was going to win. I like Twitch and think he’s an amazing dancer (his solos were always amazing to watch), but Joshua was just a powerhouse this season. He couldn’t do anything wrong. So needless to say I was positively THRILLED when Cat Deeley announced Joshua as the winner. YAY!

As for Last Comic Standing, what a waste of 90 minutes. Seriously – compared to SYTYCD it was a terrible finale. We fast-forwarded through 75% of it. As for the results, I was very surprised that Louis Ramey went out fifth. Denis and I really like him and I thought for sure he’d at least be in 3rd or 2nd place. Alas, he went out fifth, and Jim Tavare went out fourth. Jeff Dye, who was my other pick for 2nd or 3rd place, did in fact go out third, leaving Marcus (who was my pick for 4th place) and Iliza (our pick for the winner). I was once again freaking out that Marcus (a Dane Cook ripoff – DC already being a ripoff of other comedians) would win. Sure, he has some funny bits, but Iliza just makes me laugh. So YAY when she was announced the winner!

I can’t wait for both shows coming up in September and November. What’s great about the “LCS” tour is that you can actually meet the comedians after the show – I look forward to meeting Louis, Jeff and Iliza. And I can’t WAIT to see Joshua take the stage in the “SYTYCD” and watch him dance from the sixth row.

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