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A quick post since I’m finishing my mass mailing here at work today.

Last Comic Standing: On Tuesday was the Wild Card episode. Denis and I were in agreement that Todd Glass and Ant were the best of the five. When Jay London was on I decided to count the number of jokes that were actually decent. He rated 2 for 13, although I “gave” him an extra point for his last joke (seeing as it was his LAST joke) and he ended up with 3 of 13. That isn’t good. Whereas I laughed all throughout Todd Glass’ routine.

So last night was the LCS cut show, where the person that won the wild card was announced. Top three? Ant, Todd Glass, and Jay London. But before they announced the winner of the wild card, the five got to do another 4 minutes of material. We missed Ant (my fault), but Todd was hilarious and this time Jay was 0 for 10 on the jokes.

Jay Mohr starts cutting people – first Bonnie, then Corey, then Ant…so it’s down to Todd Glass. I had HIGH HIGH hopes that the FUNNIER comedian would get through, but sure enough Jay Mohr said Jay London’s name as the wild card winner.

Needless to say, I was very sad – Todd Glass so deserved it. Starting next week I’ll be doing my best to get Jay London OFF that show. Yes, he has a lot of fans out there, but can you imagine sitting through a THIRTY-MINUTE show of him constantly saying “Thank you”, or “You’ll get this when you get home”, or “I’ll just stand over here,” and “You’ll never see me again,”…I shiver at the thought of it, actually.

Big Brother 5: *SPOILERS AHEAD FOR LAST NIGHT’S BOOT SHOW* I bet Jase is pissed this morning, huh? His own horsemen turned against him and voted out his li’l miss thang. I bet no one was more shocked than Adria though – she HAD to think she was gonig home. But bravo to Cowboy, Scott and Drew for going against Jase and voting Holly out. Funniest line of the night: The Horsemen were discussing a possible new strategy involving Adria, and they were using lifesaver candies as cast members. But they didn’t have enough, so Holly was a piece of cheese in the scenario. The men are all moving around lifesavers, and Jase kept focusing on the cheese and would get upset if they even HINTED about getting Holly out of the house. At some point Drew picks up the cheese and says something like, “Dude, everytime the cheese moves over here [as in being voted out] you get defensive.” Jase responded, “Dude, it’s not ABOUT the cheese – the cheese would never vote one of us out!”

I laughed so hard I actually rewound my Tivo to watch it again (have I said lately how much I adore my Tivo? ADORE IT). And in the end, Adria stayed, which was awesome, and Holly is GONE GONE GONE (which is even more awesome). I hate the way she starts EVERY sentence with “Ummmmmmm….” while looking up in the air as though the answer were in a cartoon bubble above her head. Guh.

John Kerry’s Speech at DNC: Not a bad speech – and he ended it at 11 p.m., which was nice for those of us who like to watch Seinfeld at 11. I thought he did a fine job considering past speeches I’ve seen that involve NO personality whatsoever. He harped a bit much on his past, and once he said he refuses to privatize Social Security he definitely lost me as a potential voter, but I have to say his speech was decent and he has a good speechwriter.

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  1. OOoo you just don’t know how much I wanted to call you last night when I was watching BB5. I too rewinded my TiVo last night. I however, rewound it when they showed Holly the twins secret. The look on her face was priceless. She is such a idiot. It pained me to sit and watch her talk after she got voted off. The plus side is that I don’t have to hear he squeal in the house anymore.

    Kerry’s Speach: Agreed that he brought up his past waaaay too much. You were in Vietnam, you saved a guys life, thats great… move on!

    You are right about TiVo. I was on the phone with my mother for an hour, so I had to pause Kerry’s speach, then I got to watch it when I was done. How groovy was that!

    “he definitely lost me as a potential voter”
    Come on now.. who you fooling. You weren’t going to vote for him. *lol*

    Don’t forget Amazing Race is on this Saturday!

  2. Ace, I was willing to listen to what Kerry had to say and consider his plans for our future. #1: his speech told us nothing specific of what he would do, and #2) if he had said ANYthing of substance that clued me in to his potential policies, if they sounded good I might have considered voting his way.

    However, he didn’t, and I won’t. I’m not as conservative in my politics as one might think – I’m a total moderate. So that’s why these speeches mean so much – they will truly decide which way I vote. Kerry’s speech didn’t make me sway his way at all.

  3. Um…hmmm…

    Hi! My name is Jen and I’m a Big Brother watcher.

    Yeah, so I’ve caught a few episodes because of their lead-in to The Amazing Race. I forgot to tune in last night. I’m so relieved that Adria is still in the house. I can’t wait for the reveal about the twins – those people are going to be s-h-o-c-k-e-d!

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