TV: Why I’m Voting for Marc on The Biggest Loser

Last night while watching The Biggest Loser I immediately knew who I’d be voting to keep in the final three finale next week. The choices were Marc and Roger, who both fell below the bottom line.

Both women, for the 2nd or 3rd week in a row, were not only above the yellow line, but held the top two spots. Those women ROCK.

I really want a woman to win this year. Sure, Marc has lost a lot of weight, but everyone – EVERYONE – knows it’s tougher for a woman to lose weight (see: me struggling to lose 10 pounds during Lent and Denis easily losing 15-18 during those same 40 days by only giving up alcohol and desserts). Ali and Kelly have worked REALLY hard to get where they are. Ali looks amazing and has lost the highest percentage of weight on the ranch. Even more than Marc. And Kelly – who has been on the chopping block more than any other contestant, has battled and remained in the game. She still weighs around 180, so she could possibly lose another 40-50 pounds as well and take the title of Biggest Loser.

If the girls had been able to vote last night, they would have voted out Roger, who still has the chance to lose 40-50 pounds more and possibly take the title at the finale. Marc, who weighed in just below 170 lbs last night, cannot possibly lose much more weight without becoming sickly looking and unhealthy.

But America gets to vote. And I think that the voters should all vote for Marc. Keeping Marc in, who cannot lose much more weight AND is already below Ali as far as percentages, would basically ensure a female winning, whether it’s Ali or Kelly. But keeping Roger in all but throws Ali’s victory back in her face and I think it’s completely unfair for producers to take away Ali and Kelly’s power by letting America vote.

So this morning I placed my vote for Marc to stay. And I hope you will too. Given the accomplishments that Ali and Kelly have achieved so far, and given the fact that women have a much tougher time losing weight, one of them deserves to win the prize. I just hope America realizes that as well.

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