TV: What Are You Thinking, America?

Do you hate me so much? How on earth did Constance Pheaux-Rocker make it into the top 12? Did you not hear his caterwauling on AI4 on Monday night? His abomination cover of a classic Police song. People, it wasn’t a good rendition, it was atrocious.

And Linda Cardinale – how did she make it past Amanda Avila? Granted, Amanda was never going into the top 5 contestants, but she was slightly better than bland, boring Linda Cardinale.

My four picks are in the final 12, and did you notice in the final shot of the night how my four picks were all in the camera shot with Ryan (who was blocking out blond Gaiken)? Yep, Bo, Nadia, Carrie and Mario. Sweet.

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  1. Well, Constantine is better than Travis, but I think Nikko should have made it and Scott or Anthony should not have. And for the girls, Lindsey was better this week than before, but she is “forgettable”. I just didn’ like Amanda and am frankly glad she’s gone. Mikaylah didn’t so so well this past week, but I like her overall and am not terribly unhappy she stayed.

  2. I wanted Constantine gone as soon as I saw his Justin Guarini shirt. Now granted, I dressed up as the J-man for Halloween a few years back, but that was as satire…not as…whatever it was Constantine was doing.

  3. I found your pregnancy journal on here today, and just read the whole thing. Thank you so much for including a lot in there that I’m sure is true but others don’t go into (the worries, the sickness, etc.). I feel so many of the things that you had written and it’s reassured me that I’m not the only one who experiences those thoughts and physical sensations. Thanks again,

  4. I liked seeing both rockers make it, and was a little surprised at the final 12, but not too bad. I thought Scott should have gone, that’s just a personnel thing though, he reminds me of the pudgy nerd in school who now wants to be the ghetto pimp. Constantine will be lucky to make it past next week, I think they are just keeping him around cause he is sooo big and tall that Ryan is intimidated!!!! Go Carrie and Bo, my choices.

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