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Because I am a nerd, today I registered to go to a “Doctor Who” convention next February called Gallifrey One. Yep, you read that right. And I’m not ashamed! *lol* I love Doctor Who and this is the 25th anniversary of the US convention held in its honor. It should be a lot of fun. When I told CootieBoy about it he asked if he could go, and I said sure – kids under 12 are free, so all I’d have to come up with is airfare for him. So I registered him to go as well. Fortunately, it’s taking place the very weekend that he has a teacher holiday, so he won’t miss any school!

In other TV news, I’ve only sporadically been watching this season of “American Idol.” The problem is I don’t have Tivo anymore, so if I don’t catch it live, I don’t catch it at all. As a result, I don’t know many of the Top 10 other than the stuttering dude and the girl who sang the Colton Dixon song this past week that sang an original tune in Hollywood that wowed the judges. But I don’t even know their names, that’s how out of touch I am with the show. I will attempt to watch it now that we have a Top 10, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch every week since I have a commitment every other Wednesday night now.

Not having Tivo has affected my ability to watch a lot of things, especially if they are not on Hulu+. However, I’m faithfully watching “New Girl” and “Community” every week. I’ve also gotten into “Parks and Recreation” this season and will most likely go back and watch from the beginning at some point. I still watch “Vampire Diaries” every week as well, and have been sticking with “The Office” but only because it’s the final season and I feel like I should be watching it even if it’s not particularly funny anymore. On Netflix I’ve been trying to keep up with “Being Human,” and have been waiting and waiting and waiting for last season’s “Mad Men” to show up, to no avail.

As for the kids, with their discovery of the online game “Minecraft,” they don’t watch TV that much anymore. They are not happy with the fact they don’t have Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network at their disposal. For a while they were watching stuff on Netflix but now they don’t even do that much anymore.

The debate to bring back satellite TV continues, but it’s not as important anymore. Yes, I miss being able to record things on Tivo, and yes I miss BBC America tremendously, but much as I said last time I did a TV post, I really don’t find that I miss having satellite TV anymore.

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