TV: There’s A Reason It’s Called “The Amazing Race”

Okay, so last night’s edition of The Amazing Race was exactly that. AMAZING.


Lots of stuff to get into – I hope I can remember it all.

1) Gretchen’s fall – I felt so bad for her but then she totally rocked by making her husband go find the clue while she was tended to. Bloody and sore, she continued on with the race. Bravo, Gretchen! I was pleased when they made it to the mat and stayed in the race.

2) Their Stuff – I was horrified when Phil took away all their stuff as well as their money. Who made up THAT horrible rule? But Gretchen and Meredith did it, by golly, they got to the mat in fifth place and remained in the race for another round. Do they get their stuff back now? That part was unclear to me.

3) Rob/Amber – I still am rooting for them, but Rob really angered me last night when he didn’t even roll down his window to ASK about the brothers. The brothers have never been rude or spiteful to ANYone in the race (that I recall), and does it REALLY waste time to even just roll down the window? That was a little TOO callous, Boston Rob.

4) The Brothers. Love them. Maybe more than Rob/Amber at this point. I was so sad when their truck turned over – they were obviously devastated and thought they were done for. And they seemed genuinely upset not for the RACE but for their cameraman who was obviously shaken up and injured. The one driving must have felt horrible about that. But they continued on, got another truck and made it to the Road Block and just plowed through it and stayed focused.

5) Lynn & Alex – bravo to them for pulling over and attempting to help The Brothers (I would have too, race be damned). That was sweet if not a little unexpected (since they can be pretty competitive).

5) Deana and Ray. Ugh. NOT a fun couple in any way. And what was going on with her eye in last night’s episodes? I’ve never noticed that one eye droops a lot – is that brought on by fatigue or has it always been that way and I just never noticed?

6) The Footrace – I admit that I was standing and cheering for The Brothers when they caught up with Deana/Ray at the mat. SO SO happy about that!

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  1. i thought it was ruder of Rob and Amber NOT to give Gretchen and Meredith $5. they are NOT a threat to the game, and it’s not like anyone has ever run out of money. what’s $5? nothing.

    and i love that uchenna and joyce gave them some clothing. so sweet.

  2. I think they need to go through the rest of the race without their stuff. Maybe they don’t, but I guess we’ll see! 🙂 I loved that twist! I really don’t like Meredith and Gretchen, but I was impressed by how well they did without anything.

    Rob and Amber… they did slow down, they saw people were working on it.. how is calling out of a window going to help? (I’m still not sure what Lynn and Alex did to help at all) They’re very familiar with the rules of the game and they know the producers will make sure everyone is taken care of. At the end of the day, it’s still a game. Plus, to them, it could have been Lynn and Alex with the flipped over Jeep and Lynn and Alex hate Rob and Amber for no good reason other than they didn’t like them on Survivor.

    I think Deana did something to her eye. I don’t think it’s normally like that.

    The footrace was the BEST PART! 🙂

  3. Re: Rob/Amber not stopping/rolling down window. At least all the other teams ASKED if everything was okay, with Lynn and Alex actually stopping. ANY kind of concern is the decent thing, NO concern is just callous, I don’t care if $1M is on the line.

    I agree that the footrace was the best part – I was SO afraid that the brothers would be out of the race when their truck flipped.

  4. I saw the droopy eye too, but some people seem to think she was just squinting into the sun. Hmm.

  5. I noticed the eye thing too – is it possible that when that jerk Ray hit her in the face with the pole they were using to mush the cornmeal that he did that?

    And I am rooting for Uchenna and Joyce now – good for them giving clothes to Meredith and Gretchen.

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