TV: The Ultimate Guilty Pleasure

So yes, I added “Big Brother 6” to my Tivo Season Pass list. The premiere is this evening, as some of you may know.


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  1. Yay! This is my ultimate guilty pleasure as there is very little value this program contributes to society. But I just LOVE it. Didn’t get into it until last year, but my whole summer was spent OBSESSING about it.

  2. Sorry Jen – I deleted it as soon as it was over. I tend to delete as soon as I’m done with an episode. It’s rare for me to keep it. You didn’t miss TOO much, since it was really just an intro episode. Tuesday’s episodes is going to be the major one.

  3. i’ve never watched a single episode of big brother. it’s one reality tv show i managed not to get sucked into!

    enjoy the season! (at least you have something to watch this summer…)

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