TV: The Office and Survivor Exile

What I love about “The Office” is the fact that it is so current. Last night’s episode wasn’t the best – it was kind of boring and not that funny, actually – but the highlight was when Dwight turned to the camera with a sly grin upon entering the warehouse. “Do you remember on ‘Lost’ when they met The Others?” he asks with a knowing glint in his eye.

Fabulous. That was the highlight of the episode for me.

As for “Survivor: Exile” it was a so-so premiere episode. The twists are interesting enough. I feel bad that Lumber Jill got the boot – it should have been “I hate leaves” Cirie if only because she didn’t bring a bathing suit that supplies enough support, if you know what I mean. Shane won’t last long – to go from 3 packs a day (and you know they were Marlboro Reds) to zero cigarettes and then put yourselve on an island with nothing around? Yeah, that’s insane and NOT the best way to quit smoking. He’ll snap and be sent home pretty soon, I think.

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  1. Why he didn’t think to quit about a month prior to leaving is a mystery. Didn’t he know that the cold turkey quit in a highly stressful situation probably wasn’t going to be the best? Idiot.

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