TV: The New Fall Season

The new fall season of TV begins this week. Tivo arrived just in time because I’ll be taping a LOT of shows because the networks have kindly programmed some favorites against each other.

Here’s what I’ll be watching:

This is going to be my “catch up” night when I watch shows I Tivoed the previous week. There is NOTHING on Mondays worth watching live.

8 p.m.: Last Comic Standing til December, American Idol beginning January
9 p.m.: Father of the Pride and then Tivoed stuff

8 p.m.: Hawaii, while tivoing Lost
9 p.m.: Tivoed stuff
10 p.m.: CSI: NY

8 p.m.: Survivor, while tivoing Joey
9 p.m.: The Apprentice 2
10 p.m.: ER

8 p.m.: Tivoed stuff
9 p.m.: Rerun of America’s Top Model
10 p.m.: dr. vegas

8 p.m.: The Amazing Race
9 p.m.: Movie night!

9 p.m.: Alias

Wow… I take it back. There ISN’T much on worth watching on ANY night. Of course, this schedule doesn’t take into account the other stations I watch that have other programming such as Bravo’s Queer Eye, Travel Channel’s World Poker Tour, and others.

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