TV: The Bachelorette – Premiere Episode

Yes, I watched the premiere. But only because I was too lazy to switch my TV over to Netflix to see what else I could watch. *lol*

I wasn’t a big Ashley fan last season, but I tuned in mainly to see who her bachelors were going to be. And it looks like I’ll be sticking around for a few more episodes. There were three bachelors who stood out to me, and who I hope she keeps around.

But let’s start with Tim the Drunk. Wow. I felt really for him – he was just a hot mess. From past seasons I know they let the liquor flow freely for cast members. I also know that they let the liquor flow freely from the second the bachelors get into the limo until the final rose is given. So I’m sure that Tim was partying it up the minute producers shoved him in a limo and told him to wait his turn. Because when he got out of the limo to introduce himself you could tell he was already on his way to Drunktown. I’ll be he’s not happy with how THAT all wen down on national TV.

But let’s talk about the three guys I DID like.

First: JP. He’s my favorite. He is very reminiscent of the actor Joseph Gordon Levitt, but not nearly as manic (JGL is famously hyperactive). He seemed very at ease, very friendly, and very cool.

Second: Ryan P. He’s another one that was obviously at ease with the situation, and very friendly. I was hoping she’d give JP the first impression rose, but wasn’t surprised that it went to Ryan, who not only was first out of the first limo, but first to pull her aside when she entered the house.

Third: William. His talking heads were all great – he seems like an intelligent guy, serious but not too serious, and with the right motives for being there. I could tell as Ashley kept handing out rose after rose that he was becoming more and more dejected. I was too! Especially since he got his rose BEFORE JP!!

For the most part I’m okay with her picks, though I would have sent Mr. Mask home, as well as Bentley (who acts like he’s too good for the room). I won’t be watching most of the season – I’ll probably tune in when she gets down to the final four to see if any of my top 3 picks makes it that far.

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