TV: The Bachelor

So yes, last night I watched “The Bachelor”. I’m not really into that show at all (considering the fact that NONE of the couples on either version of the show have lasted except for Trista and Ryan), but because the bachelor this season is Charlie O’Connell, I was willing to give it a shot.

Charlie is Jerry O’Connell’s older brother. And having seen the two of them on various MTV shows and how hilarious they are together, I figured I watch Charlie try and find his twue wuve.

And he didn’t disappoint. Some stuff he said was obviously scripted, but I could tell he got a lot of the jokes in on his own. And the fact that he was willing to have a dance-off on camera shows he definitely has a sense of humor. I don’t know if I’ll watch the whole season, but I liked the opener. The girls didn’t really stand out except for that Danushka chick who was just plain weird.

The one change I do like? The girls get to speak up during the rose ceremony. Nothing screams cat-fight like airing dirty laundry before some ladies get sent home.

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  1. Danushka WAS a weirdo – that’s for sure! It was an interesting/different way to start the show. I’ll be curious to see all the cat-fights that follow because I think there will be LOTS of them!

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