TV: The Bachelor No-Brainer

So was anyone surprised that Matt Grant picked Shayne Lamas? I know I wasn’t. And while I slightly agree with Chelsea that Shayne is one of the most fake women from this season. However, that falseness worked like a charm on Matt Grant, who ate up her cutsieness like a starving man. Having said that I don’t think he should have gone with Chelsea either. While I appreciated that she told him (paraphrased), “Just because I’m not going to fall all over you from minute one doesn’t mean my feelings aren’t real.” That sentence is the sentence of a mature woman, and I appreciated that. I’m also glad she told Matt that Shayne is fake (even though he responded that Shayne wasn’t fake WITH HIM – which is slightly absurd because she was the MOST fake around him, in my opinion), so that when they inevitably do break up (who gives them more than a couple months?) Chelsea can say, “See? Told you.”

And so next week begins The Bachelorette with the chick who was dumped back last year’s bachelor Brad Womack. As I do with all seasons of “The Bachelor,” I will watch the first episode to see the crazies, and then I’ll avoid the show until it gets down to the final four. It’s much easier to take that way.

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