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Last night I think my grin was wider than Rob/Amber’s when they reached the mat first last night on TAR. I absolutely adore them more each week. I loved how they managed to take over the lead and piss off all their competitors. All that bitterness and enmity that the other teams spit out came to no good whatsoever as my favorite TAR team of all time overtook them and landed first. LOVED IT. I can’t wait to read what Miss Alli has to say at Television Without Pity about last night’s episode.

And I’m quite pleased that Dork and his mother got the boot – his constant complaining and pessimism might have cost them the race. I’d be curious to know how far behind they were from the previous team to arrive. If it was mere minutes, then the mom should knock her kid upside the head for making them lose.

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  1. You and I have similar interests in TAR. My wife does not like Rob & Amber, but they are playing the game in the manner I would. And yes, the team which lost I have no sadness for. 😉 I am rooting for the older couple to make a comeback.

  2. My co-worker saw Rob/Amber on Madison Avenue yesterday walking uptown and trying to find some restaurant. She was so giddy with excitement that she forgot to say hey to them but called me instead! *lol*

    I told her to hang up and go after them and tell them that I’m rooting for them to win the whole thing. I can’t wait for TarCon this season – I plan on attending this time (TarCon being the big finale event at the Madison Square Garden restaurant – all the players (and players from prior seasons) show up for the bash, which is sponsored by

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