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I don’t know why I was worried – TAR:FE was just as enjoyable as the regular editions. For those that don’t know, the new season of TAR features teams of FOUR instead of the regular TWO. The race is significantly shorter as it allowed kids to participate. Only two teams have kids under 16 though, so it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

I can’t remember ALL of the things I wanted to talk about, but some things stood out:


NO ONE recognized Drew and Kevin? Are you kidding me? What kind of people did they pick to run in this race? I hope they have previous teams appearing randomly throughout this race – that would be AWESOME. I told Denis that whichever team recognizes the guys selling the hot dogs would be the team I route for. Only the Paolo family came close, and I’m not actually sure the kid recognized them or if he was just schmoozing for the cameras. My comment when the kid said, “I love you guys” was, “Oh man, I have to root for the Paolos????

Speaking of the Paolo family – I’d have a headache if I was in that family. Ai yai yai – what a mess. That poor mother – I can’t imagine having those sarcastic ungrateful bratty sons in my house. This race will NOT be kind to her if she gets that upset in the first leg. Chances are high the mistreatment will only get worse as the race continues.

I didn’t like the Weaver family at first, but once the Mom got run over by the Amish cart I was rooting for them. That poor woman – she was a trooper for getting right back up and then building the water shed.

I figured the Linz family would have the race in the bag, so I was shocked that they did so poorly. However, they had a good time doing it, and I hope they continue to do well and stay out of last place.

I was sad to see the Blacks go (and yes, that is the comedy gold that became a missed opportunity for Miss Alli) – they are a great family and the Dad said all the right things to his young boys, who were obviously very disappointed to be out of the race so soon. They were (are) a great family with a couple of GREAT kids.

I can’t wait until Miss Alli does the full recap of the episode – if only for her (in her words) “unbelievably uncomfortable sentences that result from featuring an African-American family called ‘the Blacks.'”.

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  1. Do you take notes?? Man I had so many things I wanted to say about last nights ARF edition but I couldn’t remember anything. The only thing that comes to mind is that I hate that kid and will probably hate him throughout the entire show. You know the one. He runs up to the task box and shouts “I’m doing it”. He was singing with his sister.. oh what was it… “she’ll be coming around the moutain” while sitting in the buggy. Hate that kid!! I did love that the “Pink Ladies” were also called the “Desperate Housewives”. But Pink Ladies is a better title in my book.

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