TV: The Amazing Race 7 (wee!)

So last night was the premiere episode of the new Amazing Race season. Let’s just start by saying that Phil looked hot in that black turtleneck.

As for the teams, I started out hating all of them (except Rob and Amber, who I adore because I just love Rob). I’m serious – none of the teams seemed particularly worth rooting for.

However, by the end of the episode I have several teams that I like (in order of preference):

1. Rob & Amber
2. the brothers Greg & Brian
3. the gay couple Lynn & Alex
4. Uchenna & Joyce
5. Ron & Kelly

Favorite part (which I’m sure was everyone’s favorite part) was when the teams had to dig the in sand and the brothers found the 7 a.m. flight just sitting there while people were digging for 7:40 a.m. The music that went along with their discovery was hilarious. “Isn’t 7 before 7:40?” one asked. “It is where I come from,” responded the other.

But then, in true TAR style, the 7 a.m. flight people get screwed anyway.

All in all a decent opening episode, especially since Phil looked hot in his black turtleneck.

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