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Last night’s edition of “So You Think You Can Dance” was interesting – only two couples really tanked, and the rest were great!

Kherington Payne and Twitch (Hip Hop) – Props to Kherington who did a GREAT job. I pretty much watched her the whole time since I knew Twitch would be perfect, and she didn’t disappoint. Like Adam, I noticed that she “left character” when she moved behind Twitch for the flip, but other than that she was great. Enjoyable routine, too.

Courtney Galiano and Gev Manoukian (Rumba) – HATED their song choice – it made me think of Saturday Night Fever instead of a rumba, but it was still very well-done. Gev is a great dancer and even before Nigel said it I thought, “He’s very much like Dominic.”

Comfort Fedoke and Chris Jarosz (Jazz) – Wow. That was just terrible. TERRIBLE.

Jessica King and William Wingfield (Disco) – I thought the choreography was very boring. I still think last season’s disco routines were miles above this year’s routines. Will was great and Jessica seemed out of it.

Here is Neil and Sara’s disco routine from last year. Infinitely better and much more entertaining:

Kourtni Lind and Matt Dorame (Contemporary) – REALLY well done and thanks to the choreographer and dancers for telling us what it was or I would have been completely lost. Matt is just sublime – I could watch him dance all day because he is so fluid and smooth.

Chelsea Traille and Thayne Jasperson (Quickstep) – That was undoubtedly one of the WORST quicksteps I have ever seen in my life. Even the celebs in week one of “Dancing With The Stars” do it better. That was painful.

Chelsie Hightower and Mark Kanemura (Lyrical Hip Hop) – I loved this so much I watched it twice in a row. Mark is quickly becoming my favorite dancer this season – crooked pinky fingers notwithstanding. When he gets into character he is spellbinding and I can’t take my eyes of him.

Katee Shean and Joshua Allen (Samba) – I watched this one twice, too. Joshua is really fun to watch, and he definitely brings out the best in Katee. And I loved Nigel’s question to Joshua afterwards, “What did you think when you heard ‘Samba’?” Joshua: “Better work on your solo!!!” Not so, young man! That was brilliantly done!

Bottom two couples (will they do three couples again?): Chelsea and Thayne, Comfort and Chris.

I doubt the judges will get rid of Comfort because they REALLY like her for some reason. So that means Chelsea goes home, unless she does a BRILLIANT solo tonight. As for the men, Chris’ solo last week was amazing and I’m convinced it’s the only reason he made it through to this week. If he does something equally amazing, then Thayne will go.

And now is the time to say that I have NOT been impressed with the solos so far this year. Not nearly up to the same standard as last year.

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