My favorite dance show on TV is officially in session. Now that the tryout phase is over (it only took three weeks – a blessed relief from the seemingly endless pre-finalist rounds on American Idol). Last night was the first performance night. During the performances I wrote down notes. Here are my thoughts below:

1. Philip/Janine (Hip Hop): This was a good routine and a nice way to start the show. Philip was in his element but Janine more than held her own.

2. Vitolio/Ashuka (Broadway): They didn’t so much dance together as dance NEAR each other. Tyce choreographed a HORRIBLE routine (I wouldn’t even call that dancing) and didn’t allow these two to show ANY chemistry whatsoever. If they go home, it’s Tyce’s fault.

3. Carla/Jonathan (Cha Cha): They did a decent job. My notes say, “Not hot, but okay.” Technically they were perfect though – definitely showed they can dance and deserve to be here.

4. Randi/Evan (Jazz by Tyce): It was a nice routine – that’s about all I can say about it. Tyce was off his choreography game last night. Once again there was a lot of weird “individual” dancing (as opposed to dancing TOGETHER). Having said that, I hope they go through because EVAN IS MY FAVORITE. He’s my pick to win the whole thing. I ADORE his dancing. He’s Gene Kelly reincarnate.

5. Paris/Tony (Hip Hop): During this routine it was Paris that I watched the whole time – I barely even noticed Tony. Paris had GREAT charisma on stage (which is a good thing since the pre-finalist episodes didn’t showcase her very much). The routine was just so-so, though.

6. Caitlin/Jason (Bollywood): Was it as a good as Katee/Joshua’s routine last season? No way. But it was still pretty. darn. good. Up to this point watching the show, this was my favorite routine.

7. Janette/Brandon (Foxtrot): I laughed when Adam starting giving his critique because it mirrored my notes. This was a LOVELY foxtrot. Absolutely lovely and smooth. And that first major lift spin by Brandon – WOW. I mean, he was carrying 100% of her body in the air – NO PART OF HER touched him during that lift spin. My mouth dropped open on that one. Great job.

8. Ashley/Kupono (Jazz by Wade Robson): I heart Wade Robson. Seriously – he has done most of my favorite routines throughout this show’s run. Last night’s quirky crash test dummies was more of his same brilliance, and ASHLEY was unbelievable. After Caitlin, she may be my favorite female.

9. Melissa/Ade (Contemporary): This was effortless for them and the major lift was nice, but it was a very boring routine. And plus – hello? Richard Marx music? How very 1990 of the choreographer (Mandy).

10. Kayla/Max (Samba): Three cheers for Kayla, a non-ballroom dancer who mastered samba in a week. She and Max have good chemistry, but it helped that Max was in his ballroom comfort zone. Let’s see how they do with lyrical hip hop or contemporary and if that chemistry remains intact.

All in all, a decent opening performance show. There were a few standouts, and only two major duds (one caused by choreographer Tyce and the other being Paris/Tony).

Evan remains my top guy, followed by Jason.
Caitlin remains my top girl, followed by Ashley.

Going home? Vitolio & Ashuka, or Paris & Tony.

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