TV: Survivor

So I’m ahead in the Survivor pool that I’m managing this season. There are only six of us in the pool, but it’s still fun to discuss the vote each week. Last night I maintained my lead by putting 100 points on Shane to get the boot. However, this coming week I have NO IDEA where to put my points. There are so many different scenarios of what could happen given who wins immunity that I’m torn. But the person just behind me in the pool is only down by 18 points so I need to make sure I play smart or else my lead will be gone just like that.

And can I just say I love Cirie? She is so completely in control of the game that you can’t help but love her. I had my doubts when she first arrived on the beach (“I’m afraid of leaves!”), but she has overcome that and is a powerhouse in the game. Brilliant strategist. I hope she wins, even though I know it’s doubtful that’ll she’ll get to the final two given that the Final Three immunity is always an endurance test of the hardest degree and she has never shown an ounce of true athleticism since the game began.

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