TV: Survivor Palau


Boy, that Ian loves him some drama, doesn’t he? You KNOW in the back of his mind as he jumped off that buoy that he thought, “Maybe Tom will be so impressed with my sacrifice that he’ll go ahead and take me instead of Katie despite the fact that I asked him to take Katie.”

I know *I wouldn’t have been able to stand on those buoys for 11 hrs 45 min. That’s insane and I would have jumped after, oh, say an hour? Give or take?

Tribal Council – mildly entertaining.

Final vote: Did they ever say what the final count was? I know that Tom got four votes and Katie got one, but did Jeff ever say who the other two votes went to? Usually he announces that after the first commercial break after the winner is announced.

And yes, I’m happy Tom won. I liked him from the beginning, despite the bit of ego he had later in the game. NYC, baby!

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  1. Didn’t it seem more like the 3rd grade class elections than Survivor? My boyfriend and I were roaring over all the tattling going on.

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