TV: Survivor – Guatemala

This just might be the best season of Survivor yet. Between the constant puking after an 11-mile hike and seeing my beloved Stephenie again it was a great hour of television.

Of all the reality tv shows out there to audition for, there’s not much reason to torture myself on Survivor. And I know I wouldn’t do well on The Amazing Race even though I’d love to just be on that show so I could meet Phil and eventually be Philiminated. Big Brother? I think I’d be great on that show. Another show I’d love to do? The Biggest Loser. I was shocked when the premiere episode of Season 2 said that 150,000 people tried out. That’s awesome and sad all at the same time. And to think I could have been 150,001 (but wasn’t able to get off work to do the NYC casting call)…

But Survivor? Nah, even the thought of winning $1M isn’t enough to convince me that going into a jungle filled with spiders, getting sick on Day Two and then facing ever-smarmy Jeff Propst is a fun idea.

But WATCHING it from the comfort of my sofa? Priceless.

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