TV: So You Think You Can Dance – Top 18

Here are my thoughts, in random order because I can’t remember what order they danced in last night.

1. Courtney and Gev (Contemporary) – Unlike Mia and Nigel, I liked this routine a lot. Simple, sophisticated, and sincere. And yes, Gev totally has a crush on Courtney outside of dancing, but I think it worked in this piece.

2. Kherington and Twitch (Viennese waltz) – This is when I realized that Mia was on drugs or something last night. I thought this routine was lovely (even with the melodramatic Celine Dion song). They are an amazing couple together.

3. Katee and Joshua (Broadway) – WOW. Just….wow. I LOVE Joshua, and Katee is growing on me. This was a fun routine that totally fit the 70s Godspell song.

4. Jessica and William (Hip hop) – I didn’t particularly think EITHER of them shined on this routine, so I felt it was unfair to dump on Jessica and heap praise all over Will. Because in my opinion NEITHER of them were brilliant. I also thought the choreography – for a hip hop routine – was rather tame for dancers of this caliber.

5. Chelsie and Mark (Argentine tango) – Mark deserved all the accolades last night. He was fantastic and absolutely “in the moment.” I didn’t think Chelsie as bad and was surprised by the negative comments. I thought they did a great job and that includes Chelsie. Was it sexy? No – but it was still beautifully done.

6. Kourtni and Matt (Foxtrot) – am I the ONLY one that loved this routine from beginning to end? Matt was so fluid and graceful that I adored his every move. And Kourtni was very trusting and absolutely gave in to every lift that was required of her. Who cares if Matt’s arms were too lose or that their grapevines weren’t perfect – I’m sure Gene Kelly let that stuff slide too, so we could just enjoy the musicality of it all. Loved it.

7. Comfort and Chris (Krump) – perhaps my least favorite of all dance styles, AND my least favorite dancing couple. For the secod week in a row this was my least favorite routine/couple of the night. Yes, Comfort was in her element, but I didn’t like it. But I may be biased since I hate krumping.

8. Susie and Marquis (Salsa) – poor Susie, getting dissed by her instructor for not being a real salsa dancer. Having said that, she did a decent job with a partner who was so obviously out of his element that he became a detriment.

9. Chelsea and Thayne (Jazz) – When I heard it was a king/queen theme I had hoped it would be as good as the “Two Princes” routine from last season which was amazing. Alas, this one fell flat and I didn’t like it at all. Thayne is too theater and Chelsea seemed only partly into it, despite her protests during judging that she came out and “did [her] thing.”

Bottom three couples: Chelsea/Thayne, Susie/Marquis, Courtney/Gev. I just don’t see those three couples having huge followings.

Girl leaving: Susie
Boy leaving: Marquis

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