TV: So Much To Talk About!

Okay, so last night was a veritable extravaganza of TV watching.


AI4 – first of all, I’m so happy I opted to only watch scattered portions of the finale. It looks as though it was absolutely torturous – especially when Babyface was forced to sing with the worst singers in the Top 12 – Lindsey and Mikalah. Talk about painful. The looked like it was all he could do not to cringe. I did enjoy Carrie’s bit with Rascal Flatts and I loved Bo’s bit with Lynyrd Skynyrd. But talk about disappointment at the end of the night. Bo should have won – everyone who comes here know I think he was the best one all season. But apparently America much prefers a bland dead-eyed country singer over an electrifying talented southern rock singer. Pity.

Lost – Holy. Crap. What an amazing finale. I didn’t think JJ Abrams would be able to pull it off, but he managed to do a 2-hr finale in which lots of stuff happened but nothing got resolved. I have to wait all summer now? :thud: There were so many things that happened. Poor drug-addicted Charlie. I was devastated to see that Virgin Mary statue in his bag. Poor premonitionary Walt. Turns out he was the one The Others wanted. Poor Sawyer – he goes to be a hero after all and ends up shot. Poor Hurley with his “the numbers are bad!” Added later: I also loved the first few minutes of the episode when Arnst complained about all the things the viewers have complained about (why focus on only 8 people when there are 40 other people on the island, how come Hurley hasn’t lost weight), etc.)

Alias – I was a bit disappointed with this one. I mean, can they steal the plot of “28 Days Later” any more? But WOW to the final scene. What the…? :wide-eyed:

Medium – I finally got around to watching Monday’s finale of Medium, a show that I really enjoyed this past season. And the finale was just as good and had an amazing cliffhanger as well. I love Patricia Arquette – I think she’s an underrated actress and only came to that conclusion with this show. She’s just outstanding.

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  1. I totally agree about AI. There are rumors that the viewers really don’t pick the winner. I am starting to believe them now. There is no way that Carrie actually got more votes than Bo. No freaking way!

    LOST disappointed me so much. Perhaps I just went it expecting more, but I feel like we were oversold on this episode. I expected ALOT more.

    Alias’ final scene was awesome. It is the one thing I will be thinking about all summer (next to who was at Veronica’s door). I am so looking forward to this series’ next season.

  2. Joe and I are bumming over Bo losing. Oh, well. We’ll be seeing as much of him as we have of Clay Aikens.

  3. LOST was awesome! I was cracking up at the scene with Arnst complaining, too. That was a nice wink & nod to the fans. My post is soon to come.

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