TV: Rock Star INXS – The Give Me A Break, JD Edition

Last night on Rock Star INXS

JD sucked and faked his sister being there as his reason.
Daphna sucked and fortunately didn’t make excuses.
Heather sucked and claimed she was sick.
Brandon sucked and kind of blamed his shoes.
Jessica sucked and should have been gone last week.
Deanna did all right but needs to get a personality.
Tara did all right but needs to learn some better moves.
Jordis did well despite forgetting one lyric.
Suzie did well despite the aggravating harmonica.
Marty did well despite the occasional bug-eyed expression.
Ty did a fabulous job despite the band starting the song too slowly.
Mig was the best hands down – he could win this thing.

The only other thing of note was the sham of JD’s performance. First of all it was terrible and I laughed when he went out of key. But then I laughed more when he tried to blame his shabby performance on his emotional reunion with his “sister” after a two-year absence. Like we’re all supposed to believe that his performance was bad only because he saw his sister and got all choked up? No – his performance was bad because he picked a song completely out of his range of ability. But whereas he did poorly, others did worse – specifically Daphna, Heather and Brandon. I’m hoping America isn’t dumb enough to fall for JD’s ruse and puts him in the bottom three (even though I know INXS won’t cut him yet because he’s interesting for TV). But I think it’s Daphna or Heather going home.

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  1. Angie – I agree (I tried to say that in my post but never came out and said it!). I think he made a call on Monday night and asked someone for a favor…there’s no way that was his sister and there’s no way that was real. :duh:

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