TV: Rock Star – INXS & BB6

I haven’t voted for Rock Star: INXS all summer, but last night I had to go on and vote for Jordis. Not because she was so fabulous, but because I feel that Dave Navarro gave her a raw deal when he basically asked her (in my own words), “Are you still in it to win it?” Because she looked like a deer in headlights when he finished the question and I think her lack of response is what killed her in the voting.

I think if she had said, “Absolutely – I love this band and yes I’ve faltered in the past couple of weeks but I feel that my performances tonight were strong and that I can give INXS what they need – a fabulous lead singer who will work hard and get the job done.” That’s what she SHOULD have said.

So I went online after the show and voted 3-4 times for Jordis. I know it probably won’t do any good, but I did it anyway.

As for the other performances, JD was good as was Marty (I loved “Trees”). Mig was great but I didn’t like his original song. Suzie was great and her voice is growing on me. She covered Bonnie Raitt’s song very well.

Who will go home tonight? Probably Jordis. Especially if she messes up whatever INXS cover she has to do.

Now, as for BB6 I was flabbergasted to read some of the live transcripts yesterday from the weekend. Ivette has to be the most needlessly vicious person in the house and in BB history. Seriously – when The Hens (my new nickname for them) get together ALL they do is talk bad about Jannelle. Now, Jannelle talks bad about them too – but it’s not 24/7 like The Hens. The Hens are absolutely obsessed with Jannelle and they are particularly cruel when in the HOH room talking about her. They have claimed she’s sleeping with a BB producer and that’s why she does so well in challenges. They have called her a hermaphrodite. They have constantly complained about her getting the America’s Choice call from Michael and claims her family doesn’t love her. All this is said behind her back, over and over again, day after day. That’s all The Hens do all day – talk about Jannelle.

Janelle and Howie? What do they do? They have fun – they play with Howie’s lightsabers, or hang in the backyard, or hang out in the Gold Room talking. But from what I’ve read on the live feeds, they spend maybe 1/10 of their time talking about The Hens.

This morning while getting ready for work I thought about the upcoming week in the BB house and how I’d love for it to play out. If Howie and Jannelle can convince Ivette to get rid of April they’ll be golden. How do they convince her? Look at the jury. If she goes up against Maggie, she’ll only get James and Beau’s vote – the rest will go to Maggie because of her supposed “integrity” and leadership of the Sith. If she goes up against April she’ll only get Beau and James because Maggie is April’s partner and Jannelle, Rachel and Howie don’t like Ivette. So what are Ivette’s best chances? Kick off April (she’ll be the tie-breaker vote since Maggie will vote for Howie and Jannelle will vote for April), then hope Maggie doesn’t win HOH. They band together against Maggie and take her out and Ivette is guaranteed to win money if she goes up against Janelle or Howie in the final two. Will Ivette go for it? It depends on how badly she wants that money.

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  1. Ivette is a beyotch, no doubt about it. I am completely disgusted with her. And the others too. Her hypocrisy is astounding – she does what she does all day long and then gets into the diary room and acts like she’s the one who is the wronged party.

    Janelle deserves to win the money, imho. She won’t, because of the Friendship dominance in Sequesteville. But she should win it because she has out played every single person in that house. I love her.

    Howie cracks me up – that whole Jedi thing last night was hilarious.

  2. Ivette is a Lemming. She will follow Maggie right over a friggin’ Cliff. She already knows what she “should” do as her discussion with Howie has proven. However, she never makes the right decisions and that will be her down fall. I love the look on Maggie’s face every time someone else has the veto. She looks as though she is going to get double crossed every single time. Love it.

    I agree that Janelle should win it all but with the majority of the votes going to the “friendship” it will never happen. Unless of course Maggie tells everyone to vote for her.

    Here’s to Howie and Janelle being the final two!:beerchug:

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