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Haven’t done this in a while, so we’re due.

Lost: :up: Holy. Cow. Love this show. And did you see the previews for next week. Did Jin say what I think he said? :eyepop: I kind of saw where the Michelle Rodriguez thing was going, but didn’t make it any less exciting when it happened.

Martha Stewart’s Apprentice: I only watch the final 15 minutes of this show (that’s all that I can take), and I have to say the only thing that makes it enjoyable is knowing that Keckler will have an awesome recap.

Invasion: This is one of two “alien” shows that I have kept up with and I really like it. It’s well written and has just enough “whodunit” without being annoying. And Eddie Cibrian is a new fake boyfriend. Those dimples are hot. :drool:

Threshold: This is the other alien show I like, mainly because the cast interacts so well with each other. Love Peter Dinklage. He is also a potential fake boyfriend because his characters are always so snarky. :clap:

Medium: Is still an awesome show. Each episode gets better and better, even though I admit that this past week’s episode was a little predictable. But no less enjoyable because I adore the interaction between Jake Weber (the husband) and Patricia Arquette.

Reunion: Okay, so far we know the three friends that DIDN’T die. Interesting to see where everyone is ending up in their lives. I feared in the beginning that this show would be too cutesy with it’s flashback references, but other than cramming Starbucks in Seattle down our throats in one scene it’s been relatively pain-free.

Everybody Hates Chris: the comedy from Chris Rock that is on UPN is really funny. I’m not a huge fan of Chris Rock, but the show is great and very well done. I don’t catch it every week, but when I do I always laugh. The kid playing 1980s Chris is great.

Kitchen Confidential: I’ve said before that this show has an amazing cast. What it doesn’t have is ratings, which is sad because it’s a decent comedy.

Yes, I’m watching Survivor and The Amazing Race: Family Edition, but I don’t need to comment on those. And yes, I’m still watching Alias, The Office and My Name Is Earl – I just haven’t been able to watch the past two episodes of any of those shows because they are on the upstairs Tivo. I only watch the upstairs Tivo on the weekends when the kids are taking naps.

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TV reviews

Haven’t posted about these shows yet. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

Last Comic Standing: While I liked his humor, I’m pleased that Ant got the boot. He just became a bit arrogant about his alliance, and I’m happy that Gary Gulman, the intended target, was the person to get Ant off the show. It’s true that half the contestants are playing Survivor instead of LCS.

Big Brother: A decent cast so far, although that Holly chick needs to get booted soon if only to save my sanity. But imaging those poor souls living with her 24 hours a day? My head would split open if I had to spent more than 1 hour in her presence.

The Amazing Race: Ah, sweet blissful reality tv – this is the best reality tv show on the air, bar none. Only an Anderson Cooper-led “The Mole” could beat it. Liked most of the teams, but had problems with a few individuals. I wish Jim (of the father daughter team) and Charla (the midget of the midget and whiner team) could be a team. I’d root for them to win the whole thing. Since I can’t, and since I dislike their partners in the race, I’ll have to stick with Chip/Kim, the married parents. They just seem really laid back and despite their mishap managed to make it to the pitstop in a decent time (I think they came in 8th place in the first round?). I also like the Bowling Moms.

Lastly, in tv-related news, I continue to adore my Tivo. Tonight we’ll hook up the VCR and begin moving over the 13 hours of children’s programming I’ve got saved (shows include Sesame Street, The Wiggles, Bear in Big Blue House, and Rolie Polie Olie). This way we’ll ALWAYS have children’s shows at our disposal when in need.

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  1. I was just telling Anthony last night that I loved the Midget “small person” and how I wanted her to win, but that I hate her partner.

    I will have to see a few more eps before I decide who I really want to win the whole thing. I don’t think the players have shown all their colors yet. I quite watching “Last Comic Standing” I couldn’t quite get into it this year.

    Big Brother: I think the “Straight” Blonde guy is the 3rd Set of Twins on the show that is going to try and fool everyone. It looks to be an exciting year for the BB house. I too would love to see Holly get the boot!.

    Shall we have a Tuesday Night get together instead of a Thursday Night? WoW it will be like Buffy is back on… getting together on Tuesday’s again.

  2. Just a question, I don’t know a ton about tivo – are you saying that you can put shows you have on video on the tivo and play them from that??? If so, then that would mean that I absolutely have to get one!!!!
    Also we just got one of the Bear in the Big Blue House dvd’s and it has been such a huge hit, Ella gets really upset when it is over, I wished I had known about that one sooner! 🙂

  3. Catherine, it’s the exact opposite. Whatever we have saved on Tivo can be transferred to videotape for future viewings. The Tivo only holds 35 hours of programming, so it’s nice to have the option of moving some of the taped shows onto a tape to keep permanently. I can’t wait until DVD recorders become a little more affordable – then I’ll move everything on DVD instead of tapes!

    We currently own four Bear DVDs and CootieGirl never tires of them. Our personal favorite is the “Potty Time” – but mainly because Denis and I
    laugh when Bear says, “Every person, and every creature, has to poop sometimes.” It’s hysterical.

  4. Having a second baby has made me wonder how we ever survived having a newborn the first time around without our beloved TiVo. Not only do we have all the kid’s programs saved, but also I can set the TiVo to record shows I want to watch and then I actually have something interesting to watch during those middle of the night feedings. Otherwise, it would be all infomercials. TiVo rules!

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