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Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m a fan of most reality tv shows out there. Yes, I know a lot of it is fake, but I still watch. Here’s some stuff I’m either watching now or looking forward to this summer/fall/spring:

  • The Bachelorette 4 – I liked DeAnna Pappas during the Brad Womack season when she got dumped. And while I didn’t like any of her initial bachelor choices, there are now three of her remaining 10 or 11 that I like even if I don’t think they are particularly handsome.
  • So You Think You Can Dance 4 – LOVE IT. They aren’t even at the Top 10 yet and I already know I’ll be buying a ticket for the tour. *lol*
  • Last Comic Standing 6 – it is getting low ratings this season, but I love comedy, so I’m sticking with it. If the Top 10 is decent, I may go see the tour again like I did last season.
  • The Next Food Network Star 4 – I keep waiting for Denis to walk into the room and say, “I’m gonna be on HGTV, baby!” but everytime this show starts my husband isn’t on the roster. He needs to be. He’d be GREAT and it’s a way for him to get back to NYC.
  • The Mole 3 – I have the first episode from last night waiting on my Tivo. I’ve read good things about the premiere episode, so I’m HAPPY HAPPY that it’s back (even though my beloved Anderson Cooper is no longer the host)
  • Design Star 3 [HGTV, June 8, Sundays at 9]
  • Celebrity Circus [NBC, June 11, Wednesdays at 9] – Circus of the Stars anyone? I loved that show as a kid, so of course I’ll be watching this one.
  • Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List [Bravo, June 12 at 9, Thursdays at 10]
  • Baby Borrowers [NBC, June 25, Wednesdays at 8] – Denis and I saw the original BBC production of this show when we went to Scotland in March 2007. I loved the premise and knew it would eventually make its way stateside. It’ll be here this summer and I’ll be curious to see how the American teens fare compared to their British counterparts.
  • Big Brother 10 [CBS, July 13, Sundays and Wednesdays at 8, Tuesdays at 9] – I didn’t watch this past season and I’ll be curious to find out more about the casting to determine if I’ll be watching it this summer. I found I didn’t miss the show at all when it was on a few months ago.
  • High School Musical: Get in the Picture [ABC, July 20, Sundays at 8]
  • The Amazing Race 13 [CBS, Fall, Sundays at 8]
  • Kitchen Nightmares [Fox, Fall, Thursdays at 9]
  • Survivor Gabon [CBS, Fall, Thursdays at 8]
  • Hell’s Kitchen 5 [Fox, Spring]
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  1. The Mole was really good…I’ve missed that show!

    We watched The Next Food Network Star on Sunday, and didn’t get what all the hubbub was about. I get the point is to give the winner a show…but shouldn’t they at least be able to cook…a little? Maybe I’m just spoiled with Top Chef. 🙂

    Stacys last blog post..WiFinally!

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