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So tomorrow is the finale for Rock Star: INXS. Go Marty!!

So tomorrow is the finalke for BB6: GO PADME JANIE! Oh :censored:, she’s not on anymore. Did you know that some people (well, at least one person, I should say) feel she should have won head of household? They are nitpicking the question that Julie asked: How many hours since you SET FOOT IN THE HOUSE? Supposedly Janelle’s answer was closer because the hours Julie quoted are from the first EPISODE AIRING. Don’t know how true that is, but it’s an interesting thought. Will I watch the finale? Sadly, yes – if only to see if James was able drive Jen out of her gourd.

This week “Lost” is back – woo hoo! I heard on the radio this morning that we will know pretty quickly what’s down the hatch. Can’t. Wait.

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  1. Still trying to follow what you mentioned regarding the final question for HoH this past week. For some reason I’m not getting it? :banghead:

    As for Lost, I read that you find out what is down the hatch the very first episode but wont understand it until episode 3.

  2. Ace, I think what’s she’s saying is that I and J counted the hours from when they actually set foot in the house. There’s debate going that the number of hours Julie said was the correct answer was from when the first episode aired.

    I’m not so sure – 200 hour difference? That’s more than a week’s worth of hours.

  3. Oh… wow, I too was counting from when they set foot in the house. I guess I didn’t listen to her question well enough.

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