TV: Oh Yes It’s Ladies Night (AI4)

So I had high hopes for the women of AI4 last night, and was bitterly disappointed.

Out of all of them, only three stood out: Jessica Sierra, Amanda Avila, and Carrie Underwood. And even then Amanda only stood out because it was such an improvement over last week’s hideous performance.

All the other women picked poor songs or just didn’t sound right. Even Nadia – she picked one of the worst songs. Yes, it was Paul McCartney – but he has some better songs she could have picked to sing.

I believe Linda Cardinale and Celena Rae will be sent home. Celena was downright horrible – and about halfway through her song she knew it. I don’t know about anyone else, but I got the feeling that she was going to cry in the middle of her song if she thought too hard about how badly she sucked. I thought Linda did a decent job, but the judges hammered her, so she may be going.

As for Carrie – the judges all disapproved of her performance and I hope that after seeing the playback they come back tonight and apologize. She did Janis, but she did it COUNTRY, which is Carrie’s style. She was pretty much on key and related well with the camera. The judges seriously need to apologize and I pray their censure last night doesn’t result in her getting the boot.

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