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I breathed a heee-yuge sigh of relief last night when A-Fed got the boot from American Idol. I’m very happy with the top three we have this year. No Jasmine Trias/Nikki McKibben’s among the bunch. :w00t: Unless Carrie just does really poorly next week, I predict it’ll be a Bo/Carrie finale in a couple weeks. Vonzell, while talented, always seems to be in the bottom of the pack. And gleefully, if it’s a Bo/Carrie finale? Bo will win HANDS DOWN.

I also watched the finale of “The Amazing Race” – it was still fun to watch despite already knowing who won. Because boy howdy did Uchenna and Joyce face adversity on that last episode! But to come through it and win – that truly IS amazing. I’m happy they won.

I also continue to be really impressed with “Medium”, which is on Monday nights at 10p. I faithfully Tivo it each week and I’m a big fan of this show and hope it gets another season. Patricia Arquette is just outstanding and I love the guy that plays her husband (too lazy to go find his name right now but he was the jerk-fiance in “Meet Joe Black”).

As for “Lost” – I loved last night’s episode. I love how Charlie is so excited about life, and the fact that Claire is willing to go to LA with him. I love how he’s writing songs like, “The Monster Eats The Pilot”. I’m sad for Sawyer that we saw a glimpse of humanity when he reached out to Kate about any potential feelings he might have for her, and about Kate’s selfishness in her “former” life that continues even on the island. Great show.

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  1. Kate – Sawyer: I think it’s less a selfishness on her part than a fear of being hurt by him? There’s a lot to her and I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt about her nefarious ways. It is a great show.

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