TV: Lost

I was really disappointed in last night’s episode of Lost. Why? NOTHING HAPPENED. That was a total filler episode. Granted, I enjoyed seeing more of the Sun/Jin backstory, but as for present day stuff it was pointless. And then to tell us we have to wait three weeks for a new episode? Downright painful.

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  1. I didn’t get a chance to watch it last night. Maybe I will just hold off till next week so I wont feel the void come next wednesday.:biggrin:

  2. What happened was the setup of the Michael finding Walt storyline.

    What happened was Sun’s hope returned, after being lost with Jin (the bottle being buried was her hope, when she found it, she found her ring).

    What happened was the further setup of the myth of the “others”.

    It wasn’t plot heavy, but it had some stuff.

    And…don’t you think Jin’s “Destiny Book” will play into things somehow?


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