TV: Let’s Talk American Idol

We have our top 24. Finally. It only took about a year, right? Sheesh – the audition portion went on FOREVER this season.

For the most part I’m pleased with the top 24, although there were a couple headscratchers as well.

The Ladies:

First, I’m devastated that the girl I loved did not make it to the final 12. She had a smokey, Janis Joplin sound (and look). Can’t remember her name, but she was the 3rd or 4th cut on Wednesday’s episode. SO sad.

Girl who definitely didn’t deserve to be in the final 12? This one. Antonella Barba. She was mediocre at best and the other girl that was in the final two with her sounded a LOT better than this one. Although the other girl did NOT handle the elevator ride down very well, did she? Anyway, is this Season Six’s Nikki McKibben? Our Jasmine Trias? Time will tell, but methinks the answer is a resounding: YES!!. I fear her making it to the Top 10. My pick for this season’s “Most Annoying Female” goes to Leslie Hunt – she makes weird faces when she sings AND when she’s sitting in a chair. “Most Deserving AND A Good Voice” goes to Lakisha, the mom. What a sweet, sweet woman she is.

My top pick for the females? I have two. Melinda, the Aretha soundalike, and Stephanie.

The Men:

I have to say I’m surprised Sundance made it in, considering what a crappy week he had in Hollywood. But obviously his very first audition was enough and they let him coast through by the hair on his chest (seriously – AI folks are gonna get RIGHT ON THAT and wax him down, right?). There are two clunkers in the men’s group – Paul Kim (pictured) and Rudy Cardenas. Rudy’s mouth when he sings reminds me of Clay Aiken. That’s all I’m sayin’. And Paul Kim messes with the songs too much – too much riffing – and I hate that. Surprisingly, Sundance is no longer my top pick.

My top two male picks: Based on Hollywood week I think my top two picks are former back-up singer Brandon, and Justin Timberlake-alike Chris (who can DANCE, y’all – did you SEE his 3 seconds of glorious dancing in the closing scene? DIVINE. They could have shown another 5 seconds more and I think I would have fainted. I love guys that dance like he did).

So bring it on, Fox! Let’s throw down and see what these Pretty Young Things have to offer. So far the only albums I’ve bought are the singles for Clay and Fantasia, Bo Bice’s full-length CD and Daughtry’s (which is the best of all of ’em, hands down). I don’t count Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway” since that was her second album. I’m talking strictly “hot off American Idol and into your living room” releases.

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  1. So far I’ve liked everything I’ve heard from Daughtry.

    My favorite dude is the chubby, curly-haired, hilarious one. I want to say his name is Chris.

    I also like the female background singer a lot.

  2. Hi there! I totally agree with your opinion of Antonella and her singing voice. She’s also kinda snotty.

    The other girl with her WAS much better, although maybe just as snotty.

    Chris (chubby kid with big hair) is my fav too!! I also kinda like the Indian kid… can’t remember his name.

    Hope y’all are doing well!

  3. i love the two background singers…the guy and the girl. i hope they do well.
    i also love jackosbournepart2.

    was rudy the tall one in the awesome foursome? if yes, he is weird-looking…

    also…Sundance did not deserve to make it. they should give his spot to baylie brown.

  4. I’m really not into any of the ladies. I remember about this time last year, I only liked one person…and it was Taylor Hicks. This year for me, it’s Chris Sligh.

    And Sundance…I didn’t think he was all that great. I half-wonder if they obligatorially (like that?) put him through because his dad’s some singer, too.

  5. I’m sure the producers have a lot to do with who advances from the initial auditions until the people get to vote. The producers are looking for a certain mix of singers who will make good television and appeal to the widest audience — thus the best singers don’t always move on.

    I have to go back and look at that guy’s three-second dance. I thought he just stood up on his toes and raised his hand ala old school Michael Jackson. I can do that for three seconds. LOL

  6. Denis – sorry, but there’s no way you can dance like Justinalike. He did more than stand on his toes. And I erased the episode. Besides, didn’t you see it when I rewound it last night so I could see it again? He just glided across the floor – wonderful!

    Ali – I’ve picked the two background singers in my top four – Brandon and Melinda.

    Stacy – I do like Chris Sligh – he’s VERY funny and reminds me of an old boyfriend in that regard (shoutout to Bear!), and he can sing. But I don’t know that he’ll WIN. I think they put through Sundance because his first audition was THAT good that they gave him a pass. I think he’ll do REALLY well singing songs he picks for himself – but he won’t win.

  7. Jen – yes, for a couple months. You don’t remember? It was only for a couple months in the fall after I graduated college – after I got over my Harv crush because Bear was funnier.

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