TV: Let’s Talk About DeAnna Pappas

I’ve been meaning to post about this since Monday’s episode of “The Bachelorette 4” aired. Since Mr. BIL is out of the office all morning and didn’t leave much by the way of immediate work for me, I’ll take the time to formulate my thoughts on what an idiot DeAnna Pappas is.

1) She let Brian go. From Episode One I have thought he was the best looking one in the bunch. He has that salt/pepper hair, is tall as all get out, seemed intelligent (dude, he said “behooved” during his parting comments to the production team), and is athletic (he’s a high school coach and judging from what he looked like without his shirt on, he’s an ACTIVE coach). And yet DeAnna NEVER had any significant one on one time with him throughout the entire season that I saw. Sure, she spoke to him a bit on the group dates, but for the most part SHE never put out an effort to get to know HIM. As a result? He got to know the guys REALLY well and formed some great friendships with the other guys. And why shouldn’t he – if he hadn’t done that he would have been one VERY bored man in the bunkhouse. But I think he got a raw deal by getting cut loose without even REALLY being given a chance to show DeAnna what he’s like.

2) She let Fred go. I only recently became a Fred convert, but of all the guys left, he was one of three that seemed genuine (Brian and Jason being the other two). I really liked him and while everyone knew she would never pick him, I think it was wrong for her to let Fred go before the likes of JESSE, or TWILLEY or the karate had-a-mullet dude (whose name I can’t even remember).

3) She kept Jesse and Twilley. Seriously, DeAnna. Jesse? Twilley? You kept THEM and let Fred and Brian go home? Shame on you. Jesse has certainly proven himself to be intuitive and smart when it comes to analyzing the “game,” but I haven’t seen anything to imply that he’s into anything other than exposure on TV (but not in a Twilley way – Twilley *so* longs to be a TV personality that I hate it when he’s on the screen).

4) She is still interested in Graham. Ugh. Now, I’ll admit I was a fan of Graham in the first couple episodes. But the MINUTE he pulled the “I don’t want you kissing other guys” card I crossed him off my list. Dude, have you SEEN the show? It’s what they DO. Not that it’s necessarily right, but it’s still the truth. And he’s doing that (obviously to me) push her away bring her back thing that I HATED when I was dating. “Hey, DeAnna, let me treat you like crap for a few hours so when I’m nice and cuddly again you’ll think I’m awesome and forgive the fact that in the long run I’ll treat you like garbage and only be nice when I need something from you.”

Who do I think the final two will be? Presuming she wises up about Graham, I figure he’ll go out in third place. The top two in my mind are Jason, the dude with a son, and Jeremy, the smarmy attorney from Texas. Logic says IF she picks one, it’ll be Jeremy. But my heart wants her to pick Jason. He seems legit, seems to genuinely like DeAnna, has been completely open and vulnerable with her, doesn’t play games, and seems really decent. But since DeAnna obviously likes jerks (see: Graham), she won’t pick him. Just like she didn’t pick Fred. Or Brian.

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  1. I JUST got around to watching it. I really liked Fred and was super bummed when he left. I kind of thought he might be a dark horse since they didn’t show them spending much time together. I also think she will wise up about Graham and he’ll be third. I don’t like Jeremy at all, kind of creepy. I think she would be the ‘man’ in the relationship if she picked Jason so unless I see something else from him I don’t think they’d be good. Lastly I am really liking Jesse and I’m glad she’s giving him a chance even though she said she wasn’t usually attracted to people like him. Didn’t really care for Brian.

    Danielles last blog post..home sweet home

  2. I felt so sorry for Jeremy. He relly fell hard for her and if she knew she wasn’t in love with him when he told her he was already in love with her and she said to him “Oh how sweet, come here”and she lead him believe she loved him too by kissing him and spending the night with him. If she already new she lead poor Jeremy on and broke his heart. Too me she is stupid like she said and if he is so perfect why did she let him go? I mean get real, Jesse a snowboarding ??? Jason is ok, but, he is not cute at all. He has a cute little boy and he will give his attention to him and she be his 2nd choice.
    DeAnna, you are so mean to break Jeremy’s heart.
    Good luck with whoever you pick. You let two great guys get away Jeremy and Graham.

  3. Rachel – I felt bad for Jeremy, too, but I’m glad she didn’t pick him (or Graham). To be fair – she “spent the night” with all three of them – so you could technically say she lead ALL THREE to believe they were “the one” if that’s your basis.

    As for Jesse, I agree with your opinion that he is not the best choice, and I think Jason is an excellent choice. He is mature, responsible, decent, charming, funny, outgoing AND a good dad. Those all seem like good traits to me!

    Thanks for the comment!

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