TV: Jason, Jason, Jason – Part 3

Jason Castro. Jason, Jason, Jason. What can I say? You absolutely deserve to go home. And while most of America now knows you WANT to go home (he said as much in an interview last week), there was no need to be so bad last night. You know why? Because you DON’T go home for having a bad night – you go home for having a mediocre night.

That means that either Syesha or *gasp* David Cook will be going tonight.

Let’s talk about the songs:

David Cook: He did Duran Duran and The Who. His Duran Duran was bad karaoke. Seriously – who forced him to do this song (because I don’t see him picking it himself. Maybe it was Young David’s tyrannical father?). But I was far more disappointed with his “Baba O’Riley” cover. I’ve said before that this is the greatest song of all time and I had high hopes. However, his arrangement was AWFUL. I much preferred the other reality tv version (which I downloaded after the show aired): Jordis Unga on “Rock Star:INXS”. See her awesome version below:

See? Much better, right? So I think David Cook is in danger of being in the bottom two, despite Ryan Seacrest’s warning that “this is the round when Tamyra Grey and Chris Daughtry went home so get in those votes!” Because I think people will be attempting to save Jason at the expense of Cook.

Syesha Mercado – she has been really good lately, in my opinion. I’ve been very impressed. When I saw the dress she was wearing I thought, “She’s doing Tina,” but I was hoping she would do “You Better Be Good To Me.” Oh well. “Proud Mary” was decent. And her second song was lovely. However, the judges didn’t like it a lot. Mediocre = going home.

Jason Castro – I’m not even going to talk about it. It was awful. And what makes ME mad is that he is a genuinely talented singer. He proved it with “Hallelujah” (which was his best performance the whole season – and it was during the Top 20 show!). But he’s been really bad since Broadway week. He NEEDS to go home but I fear his rabid fans will keep him around even though at this point he absolutely does NOT deserve to be there.

David Archuleta – I continue to not like this kid, but of the two songs he did, I really liked “Love Me Tender,” MOR radio-lovin’ sound and all. It was his best since “Imagine” which was ALSO from Top 20 week. He’ll sail through. Again.

Most likely to get booted: Syesha or Cook. Should be Jason by a mile.

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  1. I’m not even going to add my feelings about Jason (Read: CAN NOT STAND TO HEAR HIM SING OR ATTEMPT TO CONVERSE) – Should have been booted eons ago. I think the Hallelujah song was a fluke and it wasn’t really him singing it. He is *the* most annoying individual they have had on the show in a long time. He does not deserve to be there.

    I think the judges feel the same way (at least Randy and Simon) Paula is the “niceness” factor and doesn’t really count.

    Yep, guess I feel pretty strongly about him *lol*

  2. MB – if you look him up on YouTube you’ll find MANY clips of him singing at his church – he is REALLY GOOD when he knows the song really well and has a passion about it. I don’t think he really LIKED the songs he sang last night. But definitely go check out his YouTube clips – he IS a good singer.

  3. Jason should have been gone long before Michael and Carly.

    But you may be right. Tonight, David Cook may be kicked out.

    And Archuleta might win.

    This is a popularity contest, and not a singing competition.

    The fix for next season???

    Vote for the one you want to kick off the show, and not for the ones you want to keep!!!

    metins last blog post..The Final Four

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  5. I’m still ticked that Jason is still around when Michael Johns was much more talented. Or Carly.

    He’s this season’s Sanjaya.

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